Recipe for Episode 5: Elfa’s Farmer Cheese

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Episode Five: Elfa’s Farmer Cheese

This is a homemade recipe that my mother Elfa created, and refined over many years and many attempts. These instructions are slightly rough – but be brave, and give it a try. Soon enough, you will have your own wonderful version of Farmer Cheese!

You will need:

  • A double boiler. (If you have two pots that fit into each other, you can use that).
  • 2 Quarts of Buttermilk
  • Large Cheese Cloth
  • Colander

Fill the bottom pot of the double boiler about halfway with water. Place the top pot inside, and pour in 2 quarts of buttermilk. Make sure the top pot isn’t touching the bottom of the bottom pot. Cover.

Simmer slowly on a low flame, about 30-45 minutes. When you see the buttermilk will start to separate and solidify, turn the flame off and let it cool in the pot for an hour or two.

Carefully bring the cooled pot with the cheese to the sink. Gently lift the top pot out of the bottom pot. Discard the water from the bottom pot and set aside. Very gently pour out the extra water from the top pot with the farmer cheese.

Place a cheese cloth over the pot, making sure there is plenty of extra cloth around the sides. Place a colander over the cheese cloth, and wrap the cloth around the bottom of the pot to secure it. Carefully flip the colander in the sink. Unfold the cheese cloth and remove the pot.

Gather the ends of the cheese cloth and gently lift the cheese over the colander, and move it slowly back and forth, allowing more water to drain. Make sure you have plenty cloth on both ends. Tie the cheese in the cloth securely over the faucet, to allow the remaining water to drain, at least 15 minutes. When the water stops dripping transfer the cheese into a tightly sealed container. Remove the cheese cloth, leaving the cheese in the container, and place it in the refrigerator. Overnight, the cheese and any remaining water will continue to separate.

*Note: Elfa says, if you don’t have a double boiler, you can also make farmer cheese by placing buttermilk in a pyrex in the oven on very low heat 180°-200°F until it thickens.

This is how the Kagans like to eat Farmer Cheese:
On toast, mixed with sour cream,  with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes or scallions to make it savory, and with fresh fruit jam or fruit to make it sweet!

How do you like to eat farmer cheese?

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5 thoughts on “Recipe for Episode 5: Elfa’s Farmer Cheese

  1. Slin

    Hi! We just met your dad in the park and he told us about your website. That cheese looks tasty, we’re going to make some. Keep posting good food!

  2. Regina

    Hi I enjoyed the video of you and your Mom making farmers cheese SO much! Thank you! Im going to try it soon..Do you ever put seasonings in it like caroway seeds?

  3. Tamar Post author

    You can season it to your liking! We’ve never tried it with caraway seeds – but it’s worth a try! Thanks for watching!

  4. Tamar Post author

    I think low-fat is fine. I’d be careful with non-fat, as it is higher in sugar, which could affect the texture.

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