Recipe for Episode 4: French Press Coffee

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Episode Four Recipe for French Press Coffee

You Will Need:

  • A French Press
  • Freshly boiled water
  • A Coffee Grinder
  • Something to stir with (I use my favorite pink chopstick :))
  • Good Quality Beans

(There are many excellent brands to choose from. Coffee is porous, and easily absorbs pesticides. Avoid beans that have been treated with pesticides. Choose high quality, shade grown organic beans; the darker the roast, the stronger the coffee)

Heat Water. Just after it boils, let it sit for a minute. The temperature needs to be just below boiling.

I recommend 4 tablespoons of coffee beans per cup. (If you like your coffee less strong, use fewer beans)

Grind the beans to a medium-course grind (You don’t want the coffee grinds to go through the fine mesh of the press)

Pour the freshly boiled water into the mugs you are using, then pour the water from the mugs back into the press, and back into the mugs.
( The idea here is to heat both vessels.)

Place the coffee grounds into the press.
Stir, and gently place the french press plunger on the surface of the coffee.
Let the coffee sit for 3-4 minutes (the longer you leave it, the stronger it will be).

While waiting for the coffee, you can heat the milk (I recommend Organic Whole Milk) on the stove, on a medium flame. Keep an eye on it, and turn off the burner right before the milk comes to a boil.

In the episode, I use a battery powered frother. Place it just below the surface to whip up a nice froth.

After 3-4 minutes, remove the plunger on the French Press, and stir the coffee again. You will see the “crema” (the yellowish foam) form on the surface. Gently push the plunger down. Pour the coffee into cups and add the heated frothed milk (amount to your liking).


*Note: There is truly an art to the French Press, which many have mastered. When I learned this technique, I was so happy to produce great tasting coffee each time. The die hard enthusiasts measure their beans and their water on scales, and measure the temperature of the water. I bow my head to those who go that far for their morning coffee. So, please know that I am in no way an expert, but can guarantee you this technique will produce delicious results. May the caffeine be with you!

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