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tk_community_garden2I am a lifelong vegetarian with knowledge encompassing cuisines ranging from vegetarian to vegan to macrobiotic. My parents are from Latvia, and immigrated to Israel, where I was born. Around the time of my birth, they became lacto-ovo vegetarians (meaning, they cut out meat and fish, but kept the dairy and eggs in their diet). Being from the former Soviet Union, where their diets were rich with meat, and few vegetables (My grandfather managed a butcher shop!), this was a big change for my family. However Israeli cuisine is full of fresh fruit and vegetables, and I was raised with a passion for whole foods, influenced by a combination of Eastern European and Middle Eastern cuisine. We moved to San Francisco when I five, and my palette expanded to many different cuisines. As soon as I was on my own in the kitchen, I taught myself how to prepare clean, healthy, easy, fun and affordable meals, inspired by many cultures.

There’s vegetarian, and then there’s HEALTHY vegetarian. Swearing off meat and/or dairy doesn’t cut it.  To be healthy you need have a balanced nutritious diet and a consistent exercise routine. I strive for this in my own life and my experience as the Assistant General Manager of one NYC’s most popular vegan/macrobiotic restaurants, Angelica’s Kitchen, and my background as a Spinning Instructor, taught me how to prepare super healthy, nutritious meals. And while I don’t eat it, I can provide you with information on eating the right meat/fish/poultry, and how to prepare it.

My food philosophy centers on developing an intuition about your body’s cravings and knowing how to prepare quick, low maintenance, nutritional meals. I can teach you about alternative grains, alternative sweeteners, proteins and carbs. There’s no need to spend hours in the kitchen—I don’t! Invite me into yours and I’ll show you how it’s done, and we’ll eat some delectable meals in the bargain.

If you want to learn more of my tricks, or taste my good eats, drop me an email to info@healthydelectable.com!


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Michael Reiss

    I love healthy food. I love Miss Tamar. I love you guys! The world/planet needs more people who think like Tamar and company. One of my favorite experiences in eating NYC food has always been Angelica Kitchen in the East Village. And, Tamar, you made it even more worth it.

    We were lucky to have had Tamar in NYC and, for Heaven’s sake, I’m tempted to follow the leader and return to CA.

    May you be culinarily, and in every other way, blessed!

    Great job on getting the second episode under your belt, too.

  2. Donna D'Antuono

    Thank you Elfa for sharing your Farmer’s Cheese recipe. :)

    I have extra raw organic buttermilk and am going to give it a go. Is there a reason that raw dairy is not utilized in cheese recipes? Just wondering since after glancing at your site with the commitment to real food, it is not considered.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  3. Tamar Post author

    Thanks for watching! How did it turn out with the raw buttermilk? will consider writing up a blog about the controversial subject of raw milk. A great suggestion – thank you!

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