Monthly Archives: January 2014

When There’s Just Enough In The Pantry

Last night I made an impromptu meal; Warming Ginger and Turmeric Fried Rice, using what I had in the fridge and pantry. I’m getting over a stomach bug, and tried to keep it simple, while incorporating healing turmeric and ginger into the ingredients.



Here’s what I did: I sautéed a bunch of garlic and ginger in olive oil, added carrots then broccoli after a few minutes, heated up some brown rice I had, threw that into the pan once the broccoli was almost ready, seasoned with sea salt, braggs liquid aminos, cayenne and turmeric and added more freshly grated ginger, a bit more olive oil and water, covered till the rice was hot and water cooked through, then added some leftover egg whites and a whole egg and sautéed until cooked through. Easy!