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Gratitude Pie

Thanksgiving is our time to give thanks, and boy have I got plenty to be grateful for. It’s been real busy around here, but I have made a promise to myself to follow Peter Bedard’s, of Create Your Health suggestion, to write a list of 50 things I am grateful for. I invite you to do that too! I am very grateful for my wonderful community – thank you for all of your lovely support. Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving!

Another person I am grateful for is Elana Horwich of Meal and Spiel, who posted this awesome recipe for Pumpkin Pie with a Flourless Pecan crust. I personally “cheated” and used a can of organic pumpkin puree, but I can’t tell you how excited I am to try the flourless pecan crust recipe! It’s sitting in the refrigerator now awaiting this afternoon’s festivities. Find Elana’s entire recipe here.

This pie crust was crazy easy to make.

3 Cups Pecans
10ish Dates, Pitted
7 Tablespoons Butter + 1 Tablespoon for the pie pan

Place all ingredients into food processor, butter the pan with remaining tablespoon butter, and press the delicious pecan-ey mush into the pie pan. Either fill the pan with Elana’s delicious Pumpkin Pie recipe, or follow the instructions on the back of your organic pumpkin puree can. Here’s what I did: Bake for about 15 minutes at 425, then take pie out and cover the crust edges with tin foil (see pic below), and reduce heat to 350 and bake for another 20-30 minutes, until the pie is firm to touch. Let it cool before serving. Can be made a day ahead. Enjoy!

And voila! The finished pie!

Thank you Mac-n-Mo’s for featuring Healthy Delectable on your Blog!

Mac-n-Mo’s is an awesome business. Maura Knowles created her delicious treats out of love…after her diabetic father suffered from two massive heart attacks, and needed to change his diet after his recovery. After searching store after store for a sweet treat, and finding nothing for Dad’s sweet tooth, Maura tried to make him something. Several batches, and she found the morsel that went straight to her Dad’s stomach and heart, and decided to offer her morsels to the public.

Besides selling her gluten free sugar free treats to the public, Maura created The Morselist, a daily post featuring all things healthy. I was honored when she asked to interview me after we met at the Green Festival. Here is the post! The Morselist