Monthly Archives: September 2010

Dressed in Character

The  other day, as I put on a skirt and modest top for Rosh Hashanah services for my bi-annual visit to the synagogue, it occurred to me that I was wearing sort of a costume, to honor and respect the Jewish tradition. Then I had an epiphany. If we are what we eat, what costume do we want to “wear” to look how we want to feel on the inside?

While I studied acting at NYU, I learned to physicalize my characters first, in order to inform their emotional life. Each time, it was fascinating to discover so many layers of feeling and depth, just out of a certain way I held my body, how I stood or sat, or which way I was looking, for instance.

Today, I want to look and feel healthy, vibrant and happy. I want to look and feel full of life. If I start from the inside by eating colorful fruit, tons of greens, organic goat cheese, eggs, and whole grains, I’m pretty sure I can achieve that look, and step into that “character”! What character do you want to play today? As an experiment, bring awareness to how you look and feel depending on what you eat. I dare you to find the perfect costume for your character! :)

Don't worry, you won't turn blue if you eat a bunch of blueberries!