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Turning Procrastination Into Inspiration!

While attempting to cross off a to do on my list of new to do’s and to do’s I’ve been putting off for a length of time I don’t care to admit, I found myself daydreaming about Greece. It’s the appeal of being somewhere other than where I am – a desire to escape the facets of my life that don’t motivate me, like paying bills and filing papers. It’s the desire to have something that seems out of my reach, for budgetary and logistical reasons. It’s the yearning to have a magical, life altering experience, that is actually within my grasp. And my daydream doesn’t entail anything too fancy…want to hear it?

I wake up in a warm cozy room, beneath a big duvet, or a soft cotton blanket (depending on how warm it is at night), with sun streaming into a big window overlooking the big blue Mediterranean. I stretch into the day with some deep invigorating yoga, and then go sit on a beautiful white patio with a bright yellow umbrella and drink delicious Greek coffee, with Greek yogurt and honey, nuts, figs and fresh fruit. Then I take a long walk through the town (I picture myself on one of the islands), and wind up at the beach, inhaling sea air, listening to the sound of the Ocean. For lunch, another walk through the town, and a simple meal of fresh feta, tomato, olives and greens; maybe some hummus and fresh pita from the oven. I have tried retsina, a white wine, distinct to Greece, with a distinct flavor, not unlike turpentine. I’ve been told that in Greece the acquired taste is easily reached – and so, in my fantasy, I have acquired this taste, and enjoy a glass or two of retsina with my lunch. What naturally follows next is a hearty afternoon nap. Then, upon rising, another stroll, perhaps in the dusk hour, as the Mediterranean blue sparkles with hints of orange and  fuschia from the setting sun. For dinner, a big salad, dolmas, freshly baked spanakopita, followed by hot mint tea and baklava for dessert. A heavy head, full of ocean air (and wine), and the bliss of the day, lay me down to dream, before another beautiful day in Greece. Perhaps tomorrow a tour of an olive farm, or visiting some ancient  ruins, or taking a sailing trip (although I have very bad motion sickness – but it’s a fantasy – so no motion sickness!). And somewhere in the midst of all of this adventure, there will be blogging about it!

Aah, writing out my fantasy has been invigorating. I am inspired, and now have an even more specific vision of what I want to experience. In the spirit of the laws of attraction, this should surely help my fantasy become a reality. In the meantime, I’ll make sure to buy some fresh feta from the farmer’s market, make a trip the beach, and maybe learn a few new Greek words. Oh, and cross off some more to do’s on my list!

So don’t procrastinate…inspirate!

Corfu Oia Bougainvillea

Healthy Delectables Kicked My Cold in the A$$

There’s  a bug going around. I caught it. It was in my head, and my nose felt like it weighed 100 lbs. So, I dedicated a day to kicking my cold in the butt with some healthy delectables. I started out the day with a packet of Emergen C in hot water, with lemon, cayenne and honey. I had three of those throughout the day. The rest was captured on my camera below.

Fresh Squeezed OJ with Fresh Ginger

Fresh Squeezed OJ with Fresh Ginger

Get Well Salad

Get Well Salad

I squeezed about 4 cups of orange juice (with the huge chunks of pulp), and added about a tablespoon of freshly grated ginger. Gave me an instant boost of energy! (I have this cool attachment on my kitchen aid, for citrus juicing, and I have one of those old school ones that just requires a bit more work. It doesn’t need to be hard or expensive to have freshly squeezed juice!)

For lunch, I wanted to use what I had in the kitchen. That morning, I followed a pang to throw the sweet potatoes that have been sitting around for awhile, almost growing those little buds, into the oven. So I chopped up the now cooled baked sweet potatoes, and threw them into a salad with arugula, mache, avocado, grated beets, green onions, roasted almonds, mushrooms, a hard boiled egg and blanched asparagus, tossed in a yogurt and green onion dressing (yogurt may cause the mucous to thicken, like other dairy products, however the good bacteria offers many healing benefits, so I chose to use it).

Feeling better!

Feeling better already!

Get Well Soup

Get Well Soup

For dinner, I made a chicken flavored broth with lots of garlic and green onions, tofu, carrots, mushrooms, bok choy, spinach and cayenne. It was warming, spicy and cleared the sinuses. And I feel a lot better!

It’s good to have essentials in your kitchen like cayenne, garlic, ginger, broth, Emergen c, and my favorite cold killer, Umcka (you can find it in the cold/flu section in health food stores). Having lots of fruit and veggies around (or a good friend who will pick some up for you when you’re bed ridden) will keep you well fed, and on your way to forgetting you ever came down with anything.