Monthly Archives: April 2010

Your Neighborhood Farmers Markets!

It’s Spring, the season of artichokes, baby carrots, strawberries, lettuces, and more!

Recently, a friend took me to the Larchmont Farmers Market, and it’s turned into a Sunday ritual. I’m still loyal to my Monday Farmer’s Market at Plummer Park in West Hollywood. I have a few favorite vendors that I enjoy seeing every week, including Hassan at the Greek stand (best olives and feta cheese!), Dirk, with his beautiful, flavorful mushrooms, the squash blossom man who teaches me new words in Spanish each week, and Laurent Bonjour, with the loveliest cheese. I feel a real sense of community when I’m there.

The Larchmont Farmer’s Market has a stand with fresh Italian pasta, more vegetable and fruit varieties, a stand that sells vegetable garden kits, and the lovely and adorable Kei, the Sugarbird Sweets & Teas lady. I sampled her delicious Zoe Tea, which is a green tea with mint, cacao nibs, peppermint and vanilla, and bought her most delicious homemade dark chocolate chip scones. Warning, if you’re a dog lover like me, there’s a puppy rescue stand next to the market, and it’s hard to leave without a brand new doggie! So, check out your neighboring markets, explore, explore, explore!