Foodie Fun in Sea Ranch, CA!

My family and I are rarely all together in one place. My sister lives in Paris, France, my parents live in San Francisco, and I’m in Los Angeles. Our last family trip was to Thailand for my Dad’s 60th birthday in January, 2007. This weekend, we all took a trip up to Sea Ranch, a three hour drive north of San Francisco, off of winding coastal Highway 1. We’ve been going there for many years, and I have never failed to avoid car sickness. But the nausea is totally worth the crisp sea air, ocean views, and being surrounded by nature and adorable deer, jack rabbits, wild turkeys and horses every which way.

Two Fish Baking Company, Sea Ranch CA

Two Fish Baking Company Sea Ranch, CA

It rained all of yesterday, and we were stuck indoors for most of the day. But this morning, the sky was a gorgeous blue, and the sun was out, so the four Kagans took a morning hike up to The Two Fish Baking Company, a popular little spot among the locals, that is off the beaten path for your run of the mill tourist traffic. The artisan bakers and owners are two awesome ladies, Margaret and Hilla, who opened up shop in 2003. They bake starting at 2:30am, and offer different fresh breads and pastries, and delicious coffee from Equator, a small roaster in San Rafael. (Anyone who knows me, knows how seriously I take my coffee, and theirs was GOOD! :))

Our morning pastries were yummolicious! My Dad got a delectable Bear Claw, Mom got a perfectly zesty Orange Currant Scone, my sister got a slice of Coffee Cake that was a delicious balance of crumbles, while not being too sweet, and I got a Morning Bun, that was like the pastry child of a croissant and a cinnamon donut, only better. Then just when things couldn’t be better, Margaret, who at first gave me a hard time for taking photos in her shop, brought out a slice of Lemon Rosemary Olive Oil Cake I was eyeing. It was AMAZING!! The Olive Oil, while not overpowering, melted in my mouth, and the Rosemary and Lemon combination…well, you just have to try it, and that’s that.

So, next time you’re in the mood for a trip up north, make sure to check out
Two Fish Baking Company, and say hello to Margaret and Hilla for me.

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