What To Do With A Ripe Banana!

I love to have bananas around. They’re a great snack to substitute sugar cravings, and are packed with Vitamin B6, which stabilizes your mood and gives you energy, Potassium, which regulates your blood pressure, and helps your muscles from cramping when you work out, and Vitamin C, which keeps your immune system strong.

Since my freezer is already filled with overripe bananas, that I will later use for baking, I decided to mash up my brown banana and sprinkle some cinnamon on it, and ribbon it through some plain yogurt, that I topped with muesli and a little bit of honey. I often have yogurt with fruit and muesli for breakfast; but changing it up a little with the mashed banana and cinnamon, was a great way to trick me out of being tired of the same old thing to eat. If you’re a fan of all of these ingredients, you will really start off a great day with this super nutritious and yummy dish!

Ripe banana that I mashed and sprinkled with cinnamon

Ripe Banana, mashed and sprinkled with Cinnamon

Ribbon the Banana through the yogurt, top with Muesli and a little Honey

Ribbon the Banana through the yogurt, top with Muesli and a little Honey!

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