The Wows and Woes of Baking

So, as my baking business is taking off, I’m figuring out how to organize a bunch of things as they come up.

For instance, those chocolate truffles are a labor intensive job! I was so excited to come up with so many different flavors (mint, coconut, lavender, orange), but what I didn’t take into account was that each flavor – essentially – needs to be made separately. In other words, a lavender truffle cannot come from the same batch as a mint truffle. You see, I wanted to make my truffles old school, and infuse each chocolate ganache mixture with a different fresh ingredient. I cook the lavender buds or the fresh mint leaves in the cream, and then pour the infused cream over the chocolate. The end result is absolutely delicious and beautiful; but I’m going to start to have little chocolate loving helpers in the kitchen, if this keeps up! It’s all worth it. This little baking wonderland that has transpired in my kitchen has been a dream!


Additionally, my rusty math skills have really been tested recently. I had to calculate 1/8 of a recipe here, while figuring out how many batches of cookies I needed for six separate orders. The numbers are dancing in my head like the crazy eyes in the Fantastic Mr. Fox film. (Image reference below).

Fantastic Mr. Fox Eyes

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Whether you have a significant other to snuggle up with, or a furry or feathered friend, or a warm pillow, treat yourself to some good self lovin’, and maybe a healthy delectable treat.

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